Everyone has the right to wake up happy!

Welcome to SoeL Therapy, where your well-being and happiness are my priority. Embrace a transformative journey designed to bring you clarity, peace, and purpose.

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Experience Support with a Unique Blend of Therapies


    Unlike most counselors and therapists, I combine person-centred therapy with a range of holistic modalities to ensure you achieve comprehensive well-being.

    My unique approach includes:

    Person-Centred Therapy: Focus on your personal growth and self-discovery.

    Solution-Focused Therapy: Develop practical strategies to address specific issues.

    Integrated Reiki: Relax and ground yourself after talking sessions with calming Reiki.

    Meditation and Breathwork: Learn techniques to cultivate mindfulness and manage stress.

    By integrating these methods, we address both your emotional and physical well-being.


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    Imagine the Transformation

    Picture yourself waking up each day feeling grounded, relaxed, and ready to embrace life’s challenges.

    By working with me, you will:

    • Gain insight and clarity through person-centred therapy.
    • Develop effective strategies to overcome personal hurdles with solution-focused therapy.
    • Achieve a deep sense of relaxation and grounding through integrated Reiki sessions.
    • Cultivate mindfulness and inner peace through meditation and breathwork.
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    Are You Facing These Challenges?

    • Struggling to find your direction and purpose.
    • Overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or emotional turmoil.
    • Feeling disconnected from yourself and your surroundings.
    • Battling chronic health issues that affect your daily life.
    • Seeking deeper relaxation and a way to ground yourself after intense therapy sessions.

    My Services for Your Well-being

    • Individual therapy sessions incorporating person-centred and solution-focused approaches.


    • Reiki therapy sessions to promote relaxation and balance.


    • Guided meditation and breathwork exercises to enhance mindfulness and reduce stress.


    • Reiki, breathwork, and meditation teaching for those seeking to learn and practice these techniques.

    Why Choose SoeL Therapy

    My Unique Expertise and Personal Touch

    At SoeL Therapy, I understand your struggles deeply because I have faced similar challenges.

    As someone who has battled Crohn’s and Colitis disease, disabilities, and PTSD, and who has undergone life-changing experiences, I bring empathy and authenticity to our sessions.

    My personal journey enriches my professional expertise, which includes:

    Certified Reiki Master Teacher

    Breathwork and Meditation Instructor

    Mindfulness Coach

    Life Purpose Coach

    NLP Practitioner

    Psychology Student

    Therapeutic Carer

    Solution-Focused Therapist

    Based in Melton Mowbray, I offer in-person sessions at my office and online and video consultations for your convenience.

    So Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

    Join me on a journey to uncover your true potential and live a life of joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

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