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General Information Regarding Hallmarks

Precious Metal

Buying jewellery for any occassion is a very exciting experience and one that should be enjoyed to its fullest. With so many variations and metals to choose from we have put together a brief guide below to help you choose which metal is best for you. Please have a read and if you are still not sure then please feel free to email or phone us and we can dicuss your options together.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is a white metal mixed with other metals called alloys to increase its strength. Not as expensive as gold it is very easy to work with and is used to create beautiful jewellery of all styles as well as ornaments and tableware. With its bright colouration it is perfect for all types of gemstone or on its own.


Rare and strong. Platinum is a durable naturally white metal which is ideal for engagement and wedding rings. Because of its purity, its colour will remain consistent however long you wear it. Have your jewellery cleaned and polished on a regular basis to keep it looking fresh.


Yellow is golds most natural colour. Gold comes in a variety of carats such as 9ct, 14ct, 18ct and 22ct and they will all have a subtle colour difference. For centuries gold has been as popular as it is today for producing all styles of jewellery and will continue to be as popular for generations to come.

White gold has been in fashion for almost a century and is often an alternative to Platinum when choosing jewellery. To create white gold, yellow gold is mixed with a variety of other metals called alloys to give it a brighter finish. The gold is then plated with Rhodium which is a metal from the Platinum family giving it a pure bright lustre. It is worth noting that because white gold is Rhodium plated, then through general wear and time the plating will come off the jewellery. Do not think of this as a problem as it is simply remedied by easily having the jewellery re plated.

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