SoeL Therapy

Imagine Waking Up Refreshed, Relaxed,
and Ready to Embrace the Day

Experience a unique blend of holistic therapies designed to bring balance, positivity, and lasting well-being to your life.

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Imagine starting your day feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to face whatever comes your way. At SoeL Therapy, I believe that everyone deserves to wake up happy and energised. My unique blend of therapies, including Reiki, Person Centred Therapy, meditation, breathwork, and more, is designed to help you achieve lasting balance and well-being. Let me guide you on a journey to inner peace and joy.

Transform Your Life with SoeL Therapy Services


Experience deep relaxation and healing as I balance your energy and alleviate stress.


Cultivate inner peace and clarity with guided meditation practices that enhance mental well-being.


Rejuvenate your mind and body through breathwork techniques that promote relaxation and emotional release.

Person-Centred Therapy:

Focus on your unique needs and goals with personalised therapy sessions.

Crystal Healing:

Harness the power of crystals to restore balance and promote healing.

Chakra Cleansing:

Revitalise your energy centres and achieve harmony with chakra cleansing.

Simon Agius

Simon Agius Reiki Therapy

Simon Agius – Owner & Therapist

I’m Simon and I believe everyone has the right to wake up happy and live a life full of positivity and balance.

My holistic approach combines a variety of therapeutic modalities designed to address your unique needs and guide you on a journey of personal growth and well-being.

Here’s why choosing me, and SoeL Therapy is a transformative decision for your mental, emotional, and spiritual health:

Why Choose SoeL Therapy?

Choose SoeL Therapy for a nurturing, holistic approach that helps you wake up happy and embrace each day with confidence and joy.

Invest in a happier, healthier life today. Let SoeL Therapy guide you on your journey to well-being and balance.

 **Holistic and Personalised Care**
I offer a comprehensive approach that blends traditional and alternative therapies to cater to your specific needs. Whether through Reiki, meditation, or person-centered therapy, my sessions are tailored to promote lasting balance and well-being.

 **Expertise in Multiple Modalities**
With extensive experience in various therapeutic techniques, including Reiki, meditation, breathwork, crystal healing, and more, I provide a depth of knowledge to support your journey toward wellness.

**Long-Term Wellness Focus**
My goal is to empower you with practical strategies and insights that you can incorporate into your daily life, ensuring sustained health and happiness long after your sessions.

**Safe and Healing Environment**
I create a nurturing space where you can relax and explore your emotions, thoughts, and challenges, ensuring you feel comfortable and supported throughout your healing journey.

 **Accessible and Convenient Services**
I offer flexible and accessible services to fit your busy schedule, making it easier for you to prioritise your well-being.

Please Feel Free To Contact Me With Any Questions

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