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Life with Crohn’s, Colitis & Beyond: Resilience & Positivity

Welcome to the space where real talk meets real life. I’m Si, your host and guide on this journey. Living with Crohn’s, colitis, an ileostomy, and PTSD has given me a unique perspective on life’s ups and downs. But here’s the thing: I believe in facing challenges head-on, with a good dose of humour and a no-nonsense attitude.

This podcast isn’t about wallowing in the tough times; it’s about celebrating the victories, big and small, and sharing the tools and techniques that have helped me thrive. From personal anecdotes to the holistic therapeutic methods I both practice and teach, you’ll get a candid, fun, and straight-to-the-point insight into navigating life’s hurdles.

So, whether you’re dealing with similar challenges, know someone who is, or just want a fresh perspective on embracing life with gusto, you’re in the right place. Let’s laugh, learn, and rise above together!

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