Backflow Incense Burners are here……

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Some years ago, a friend of mine bought me some incense. Basically it was a cheap token gift from their holidays and to be honest it was awful.

After trying it, I was curious as to why people used this stuff. So off I went and bought some decent incense sticks, well that’s what the salesperson told me, and to my surprise, it was gorgeous.

It was a sweet scent and it filled the flat where I was living with this beautifully relaxing aroma. At the time I didn’t really think too much about the benefits of aromatherapy, I just knew that I liked it and I have used them ever since.

Fast forward several years and I have opened my shop in Market Harborough making and selling my jewellery. I wanted to add different products to the shop to help people relax. Incense was one of the things that immediately came to mind. When searching for good quality sticks I came upon these little beauties, Backflow Incense Burners….. Mind blown!

I bought one and sat down with Liv, my daughter, to try it. We lit the cone and waited. It took about a minute, which when sat watching something is a long time, then the smoke started to flow down, then swirl, then ripple and completely hypnotised us.

About 40 minutes later the cone had burned down and the smoke stopped, we looked at each other with daft grins on our faces and immediately lit another.

That was my first experience of Incense Backflow Burners and I am pleased to say that it isn’t just me that loves them, they’ve become a popular best seller in the shop.


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