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Why I Teach Non Spiritual Mindfulness

Hiya, it's Simon. I wanted to explain today why I teach non-spiritual mindfulness. As someone who has experienced the transformative power of mindfulness, I believe that everyone should have access to it, regardless of their beliefs or background. That's why I've made...

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Backflow Incense Burners are here……

Some years ago, a friend of mine bought me some incense. Basically it was a cheap token gift from their holidays and to be honest it was awful. After trying it, I was curious as to why people used this stuff. So off I went and bought some decent incense sticks, well...

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My Discovery of Reiki

So I’ve discovered reiki, well not discovered it obviously, more like I have welcomed it into my life. It turns out I have actually been doing Reiki for years but I just didn't realise. Of course reiki isn’t new and I’m pretty sure most people would’ve heard about it,...

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Be Proud Of How Far You’ve Come.

So excited to start planning reopening the shop on the 13th. I'm going in next week to start re-displaying and setting up, I've even still got the Christmas decorations to take down. While I've been sat planning the reopening it got me thinking. Sometimes I get...

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Reiki Attunement and Beyond!

Attunement Day and Beyond….. I had it, my reiki level 1 attunement, the day I was opened up and tuned in to the energy, my first real step to getting my Jedi powers! Not really and I have to be careful as some people in the ‘Circle’ don’t like us calling it that. If...

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[soel_mindfulness] Heart chakra meditation

The Heart Chakra……. The connecting Chakra that lets the energies flow up and down.

Keeping the Heart Chakra clear is extremely important to keep you feeling positive and for improving your self and self appreciation.

Listen to this beautifully…

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[soel_mindfulness] 8: Make Poo Less Taboo

IBD is something that is very close to my heart and I am very passionate about raising awareness of this disease that is often hidden due the embarrassing nature of it…….. POO.

I’m on a mission to make poo less taboo!

Crohn’s disease (CD) and…

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